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Highlander Downtown North
has changed name to
Highlander Financial Technologies
The implementation of
Highlander brings
low operational risk
Highlander significantly
contributes to
reducing operational risk.
Highlander revitalizes
existing systems, data,
and workflow processes.

Highlander develops high-tech software solutions and primarily addresses institutional Capital and Asset Managers and insurance companies with its product offering, but also to players in the banking and mortgage industry in and outside of Sweden.

Under both buttons below you will find descriptions of a couple of “Proof of concept”, POC, Highlander completed in 2021 and 2022.

Pension fundExisting problem-


When a content and/or format change in either database source or database sink changes, the ETL data transfer crashes and destroys the database sink. This must be corrected by database coders.

There is currently no intermediate step/layer where you can check/change the content and format of the data set to be transferred between the databases.

Data transferred between the databases has a delay of at least one (1) day. In the event of a breakdown, this time delay is extended considerably.
Pension fundTes-

Optimize existing system park

To a greater degree, be more independent from individual system suppliers.
Pension fundQuestion statementIs Kafka significantly better in many aspects of data transfer between databases than traditional techniques (Batch-ETL)?
Pension fundRequirements for the solution-


Scalable: POC is carried out between two databases, but can be used in production in the entire system solution.

Generic: Events are registered generically instead of being periodically registered in batches.

The solution must be better than the existing one.

After completing the proof of concept, POC, together with the pension fund, the customer made the following evaluation with measurable KPI for internal use:

  • Increased transparency (better overview of procedures and data transferred between systems)
  • More dynamic (mainly around schedule changes, both in output and input but also in connection with development, possibility of staging)
  • Scalable (can be used with only few adjustments to other interfaces)
  • Lower operational risk (reduced dependence on consultants, easier handling, increased possibility for troubleshooting and data error handling (no need to go to the source in the event of e.g. incorrect prices, master data, etc.))
  • More efficient (smarter solutions such as delta loading (only changed data) in case of increased reporting frequency or use in real-time solutions)
Insurance companyExisting problem and needA significantly higher degree of STP ("Straight-Through Process") data transaction flows in debt and asset management. The purpose of these STP flows is to significantly reduce the operational risks in the handling of financial instruments and to satisfy the need and requirements for a fast handling of financial transactions.
Insurance companyExisting problem and needIn the short term, it is essential that these STPs target the IVAR system platform
Insurance companyExisting problem and needThe STP solution against IVAR must also be generic in the sense that IVAR must be interchangeable with another system platform.
Insurance companyExisting problem and needIncrease the transparency, traceability and reporting of the financial order book procurement process with associated transactions, MIFID
Insurance companyExisting problem and needSignificantly improve lead time, transparency, traceability and level of detail on reported compilation of financial exposures with associated factor risks.
Insurance companyExisting problem and needRequirements for the implementation of pre-trade compliance on financial order books to minimize the risk of violating ESG requirements. LFSÖ has high requirements with the ambition to further raise the requirements regarding the sustainability requirements of exposures, so-called ESG (Environmental, social and corporate governance)
Insurance companyExisting problem and needRequirements for implementation of prior checks so that other rules and limits are not broken and that the decided order book delivers the expected effect.
Insurance companyTes-Significantly reduce the scope of manual handling of financial instruments in the instrument register.
Insurance companyTesSignificantly reduce the operational risks surrounding the administrative handling of financial instruments.
Insurance companyQuestion statementCan Highlanders Security Master be the intermediary that solves the problems with the extent of the manual handling in the instrument register and the operational risks it entails.
Insurance companyRequirements for the solution-


Scalable: There must be conditions to extend the use to also apply to financial transactions and existing and future reports.

Generic: The solution should be independent of whether it is Ivar or some other system that Highlander is working against.

The solution must be better than the existing one.

After completing the proof of concept, POC, together with the pension fund, the customer made the following evaluation with measurable KPI for internal use:

  • Maximized resource savings and minimization of operational risks associated with handling financial instruments – manual handling of financial instruments minimized and largely replaced by data import from Bloomberg.
  • Data import of templates for all variations of financial instruments.
  • Add unlimited new fields. These can easily be linked to imports from Bloomberg.
  • Scalability and freedom of variation – all fields can be exported to (any) external systems and reports.
  • Bulk handling of financial instruments, import, correction, troubleshooting – correction. An unlimited number of instruments can be handled simultaneously.
  • Order and order, instrument trees that can be easily changed without additional work, adequate user views for different financial instruments.
  • Security master is a strong support for front, middle and back office.
  • Security master is an administrative tool for importing and exporting field data/instructions.

To book a meeting or for information, contact our product manager:
Anders Bergh
+46 72 588 6116


The financial industry, with capital and asset management in focus, has in the last decade undergone, and is still undergoing, extensive restructuring – a “financial revolution”.

This is mainly based on significant changes in legislation and regulation, which clearly led to a sharp increase in capital costs and extensive control processes with increased quality requirements for both work processes, selection processes and management results. The rapid development of technology that has taken place and is taking place in parallel creates great opportunities to contribute for those of us who are solution-minded.


Highlander offers what we call the Toolbox, a system solution based on modules, which supports a coherent asset management ecosystem. Financial transactions all stations in the work process. The ecosystem includes front, middle and back office functions.

Highlander also offers what we call DVDC++, It is a Dedicated Virtual Data Center. DVDC++ which is a fully equipped and scalable dedicated cloud service secured for operational use. I.e. authorization managed with failover/redundancy, correct logbook, correct data management and the possibility of encryption on data at rest.

The environment is equipped with i.a. Kafka, which makes the environment particularly well suited for optimized and secured data management between existing system solutions. Data bridges between legacy systems, conversion of batch data into real-time data, refinement of data (microservices).


The modules can function as master, slave or deactivated against the customer’s existing system solution. Highlander’s product installation always includes all modules and all parts of the ecosystem. However, a customer with a specific problem in the ecosystem may choose to only integrate Highlander’s solution to that specific problem into their existing system solution and may then only want one or a few of Highlander’s modules to act as master or slave.

Other parts of the ecosystem and certain modules are then completely disabled. Once a customer puts Highlander’s system solution into production, the customer can then expand the use of Highlander’s ecosystem and modules as needed. Everything is already in place, reducing lead times and operational risks.